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Holiday Joy!

By Holiday, Inspiration

The days are shorter, the weather is cooler, and the city of Austin skyline is bright with Christmas lights. It’s the best time of the year to enjoy life’s simplicities, even while social distancing, as most of us are during 2020. Austin (and all of Central Texas) is known for its mild winters, so make sure to enjoy as much outdoor time as possible during the holiday season.

We know the holidays are going to look different for a lot of us this year, so Ron Day and I wrote a new Christmas song dedicated to our first responders, medical personnel, members of the armed forces, and all those not able to be with friends and family this Holiday Season. Things are going to look different this year, but we’re going to have a merry Christmas anyway!

We hope you all stay safe, warm and cheerful this holiday season! Whether you decide to get together in a social distance manner, or keep your time with loved ones virtual, we hope that you find a special way to enjoy the holidays with the people you care about most. May you be able to continue on with old holidays traditions with your loved ones, and start all new traditions during these weird times as well.

All of us here at Austin Home Renovations wish you and your loved ones a very merry Christmas! Thank you for continuing to trust Austin Home Renovations with your homes! We look forward to the new year of 2021 and hope to be able to see more of ya’ll in person when things get back to normal.


Is Your Home Ready for the Holidays?

By Holiday

The holiday season seems to sneak up quicker every year, leaving us to ask, “Where does the time go?”. The year of 2020 was a strange and difficult one, to say the very least, and the holidays approached in the blink of an eye while most of us were social distancing at home. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannakuh, New Years Eve and the days in between may look different for most of us this time around. We may end up enjoying all of the holidays from the comfort of our own homes instead of going on a big trip. The silver lining to being stuck in the house is that this is the perfect opportunity to get your home in the condition that you’ve always wanted it to be in for the holidays.

Make Sure Your Backyard is Ready

Living in Austin, Texas means that the winter months are perfect for hanging out in the backyard. Outdoor kitchens make for great holiday get togethers with family, friends and neighbors for a number of reasons. An outside kitchen allows you to host social distance holiday gatherings in the privacy of your own backyard. It’s easy to maintain a safe distance from guests when outdoor socializing, so it’s one of the safest options if you decide to host this year. If you have the backyard space, now is the best time to transform it into your outdoor oasis for the holidays! 

Make Sure Your Dining Room is Ready

Beyond getting new furniture, there are many dining room renovations that you can do to get the area in tip-top shape for the holidays. You can update the light fixtures to something both aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. You can also paint the dining room walls with an inviting accent color in order to add an element of comfort to your holiday get together environment. We’re happy to help with the painting and fixture projects. 

We Can Help Get Get Your Home Ready for The Holidays

We know that the holidays may look a lot different for you these days, but we hope that you are able to spend it with your loved ones and find joy in the simplicities of your home. If you decide that this is the year to revamp your backyard area, dining room, or anything else we’d love the opportunity to help you out. Contact us for a free quote today!

Ronnie Jackson

Ronnie Jackson

Happy Halloween from Austin Home Renovations

By Holiday, Inspiration

We at Austin Home Renovations want to take the time to wish you all a wonderful kick off to the holiday season, starting with Halloween. We know that holidays are going to look and feel a lot different for the majority of us this year. However, we believe its important to keep our spirits high and mentality festive now more than ever (within health guidelines, of course). 

Whether you plan to enjoy an evening in with your family with scary movies, host a small socially distanced costume party on your backyard deck, or attend a virtual party from the comfort of your own home, we hope you spend Halloween surrounded by fun and loved ones. There are a lot of different ways to enjoy the holiday and we wish that you do exactly what makes you most happy. 

Halloween and the holiday season as a whole seemed to creep up during the sheer chaos of this unprecedented year. Is your home ready for all of the upcoming holidays? We’re happy to help you with home improvement projects to get it ready to entertain over the holidays. Contact us for a free quote. 

National Savings Day – Budget Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

By Inspiration, Resources

It’s National Savings Day, and we all love to find new ways to save money! It’s no secret that some home improvement projects can be costly. However, there are some projects that make a big impact without breaking the bank. We’ve put together this list of budget friendly home improvement ideas for National Savings Day. 

Paint the Front Door – Painting the front door is a great way to add some extra personality to your home.  A project like this is quick and painless, which makes it easy to swap out the front door color seasonally. Your front door is your visitors’ first impression of your house, so changing it up can have a big impact at a low cost. 

Update Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – The magic of your home is in the details, which means little touches like kitchen cabinet hardware can go a long way. It’s pretty inexpensive to replace kitchen hardware with brand new knobs and pulls. Pro tip: You can even spray paint your existing hardware if you don’t want to spend money on all new equipment for a simple change of color.


Give Your Fan a Makeover – It’s relatively quick, painless and inexpensive to swap out an outdated fan for a new one. It’s possible to be even more cost efficient in a similar fashion to that of updating kitchen hardware if you aren’t ready to buy a new fan. You can provide a simple makeover with high-heat spray paint to your fan if it has seen better days. Both the blades and metal components can be updates this way. This is another example of how small details can make a big difference in a home.

Remove a Popcorn Ceiling – If you don’t like your popcorn ceiling because of the way it looks, or the way it collects dust, then we have good news for you! You don’t have to be stuck with it. Popcorns ceilings are relatively easy to remove with a wet/dry vac and a drywall knife. 

Hang String Lights This simple update can add a layers of warmth and welcoming feelings to your home. String lights can be hung on an outdoor patio, in a sunroom or any extra underutilized space. They instantly create an approachable vibe to gather with loved ones for a refreshing beverage.

We hope this list inspired you to do some fun home improvement projects. If you have bigger ideas in mind, we’re happy to help you with the larger projects (or even some small ones). Contact us for a free quote to make your dream home a reality!

Home Renovation Inspiration for the Fall

By Inspiration

We’re still in the days of social distancing, so many of us are spending the vast majority of our time at home. The first day of fall season happened last week. The weather is getting cooler and the colors of nature are becoming more vibrant. Given all of the above factors, it’s not surprising if you feel inspired to continue working on fun home renovations, especially those home projects with a seasonal flare. We put together the below list of fall home projects for your inspiration!

Repaint Your Home’s Exterior – The spirited colors of fall may have you feeling completely encouraged to explore new colors for the exterior of your home. Fall weather is an ideal time to get a project like this done, because many paints aren’t recommended for application when the temperatures start to drop later in the year. Bonus Points: a touch-up can help prolong the life of your siding and trim. 

Repaint Your Home’s Interior – You don’t have to stop at an exterior paint job. Perhaps the season has inspired you to update the entire color palette of the inside of your home as well. You can repaint the walls in any or all of the rooms in your home; you can also skip the walls and paint the kitchen or bathroom cabinets for a refreshing fall aesthetic. 

Convert a Spare Room Into a Media Room – This kind of renovation is always in season, but fall is arguably the best time of the year to bite the bullet and make it happen. “Why?”, you may ask. Well, it’s just in time for scary movie season, and the extra cherry on top is that you have the media room ready for entertaining during the holidays.

Deck Repairs & Refinishing – Decks arguably get their most use in the summer, which means they are more than likely ready for some real TLC by the time summer rolls around. It’s a great time to give your outdoor oasis the repairs and refinishing it deserves. The deck will be ready to continue being your favorite part of your backyard for the rest of the year!

Replace Windows – The weather starts to get cooler outside in the fall, but this doesn’t mean that your house needs to be an uncomfortable temperature inside. If you feel a chill next to certain windows, it’s probably time to address the issue before the winter. Glass with multiple panes, spacers or filler gases can often solve this problem.


We’re happy to help you with your ambitious home renovation projects any time of the year. If you’ve been waiting for inspiration to make you dream home a reality, contact us for a free quote. We can’t wait to begin working with you and your home!


Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen in Austin, Texas

By Resources

Outdoor kitchens are an exciting addition to any backyard area. They’re particularly great for homeowners in Austin, because of the many unique elements to our city: from the warm climate to the eccentric culture. We’ve put together a list of reasons why it’s a fantastic idea to add an outdoor kitchen to your ATX home. 

It’s almost always outdoor BBQ weather in Austin, Texas

Extreme elements such as snow and continuous rainstorms are unusual in Austin, Texas. There’s no denying the high temperatures of most summer days, but the weather is enjoyable once the sun sets. This makes summer nights perfect for grilling outdoors. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent! 

Outdoor Kitchens Are Great For Safe Entertaining During Social Distancing Days

It’s easy to maintain a safe distance from guests when outdoor socializing. An outside kitchen allows you to host social distance picnics in the privacy of your own backyard. Imagine this scene: A Willie Nelson concert is projected on the back of your house while you enjoy a BBQ with your closest friends and family, all while there is plenty of space to distance. Sounds like a great summer night…don’t you agree?

Outdoor Kitchens Increase The Value Of Your Home

Homeowners that invest in remodeling earn a high ROI when adding an outdoor kitchen, because of the popularity of this home improvement. This backyard renovation is incredibly sought after by homebuyers. Additionally, most of today’s BBQ grills and patio appliances are made from element resistant stainless steel. A functional outdoor kitchen is an investment that you and your loved ones can actually enjoy for years.

Outdoor Kitchens Can Save You Money on Utility Bills

You’re probably well aware of the high cost of keeping an entire home cool if you’ve lived in Texas for at least one summer. Your air conditioner has to work even harder if you cook a lot of meals in order to maintain comfort. Cooking, baking, and broiling all cause the temperature in your home to rise several degrees, which kicks your A/C into overdrive. This is costly if done often. Luckily, cooking indoors saves on energy consumption since your cooling unit is not forced to work harder. An outdoor kitchen can save you money in the summertime, especially if cooking is done outside a few times a week.

Low Maintenance Cleaning 

We can’t think of too many people whose favorite chores include kitchen cleaning. It usually requires a lot of work and attention to detail after enjoying a nice home cooked meal. However, many of the outdoor kitchens we build for Austin homeowners are stainless steel and easy to clean. 

There you have it: a list of reasons to convince your significant other the benefits of an outdoor kitchen in Austin, Texas. This is one of our favorite types of projects and we would gladly help you turn your outdoor dream space into a reality. Contact us for a quote.

Sights and Sounds of Austin: COVID-19 Edition

By Art

The sights and sounds of Austin have drastically changed since COVID-19 arrived. Our city has long been known as the “Live Music Capital of the World” while being rich with music and art around every corner. However, mandatory shutdowns have shifted the way the sights and sounds of Austin are being created, shared and enjoyed. We have all scrambled to adjustment during these uncertain times: Teachers, health care workers, artists and small business owners. We’ve all been affected in ways that we still can’t fully comprehend.

Despite all of the uncertainty, local artists and venue owners remind us to keep our hopes alive by lining the streets in the heart of downtown with colorful art and meaningful messages. It reminds us that we can inspire each other even when we are forced to distance. It tells us that we are all in this together even when six feet apart.

Art is a reflection of humanity and our time; both of which are constantly changing. In addition to stirring up inspiration, the street art that covers downtown tells many stories of the realities of our world today. Much of the art details humanity in masks, which has become a public norm.

In addition to street art mirroring our daily apparel, much of it also serves the purpose to remind us how crucial it is to check on our neighbors during this time. Everyone is adjusting differently on their own time, so a friendly phone call or socially distant beer with a friend or neighbor can go a long way in terms of our mental health.

Austin Home Renovations

Some of you know me as Ronnie Jackson, Owner of Austin Home Renovations, General Contractor and Texas Real Estate Broker. Some of you know me as Ronnie Jackson, Singer/Songwriter, Guitar Picker and Music Producer. And many of you know me as both.

Covid-19 has devastated our local music scene and forced dozens of our cherished clubs and  venues to close their doors. Many of my fellow songwriters and musician friends have had their livelihoods literally ripped out from under them. As we continue to adapt to the new normal, our local artists and musicians have been hit especially hard and they desperately need our help. I urge each and everyone of you to reach into the cloud, find our local stars, of which there are many and support them in any way you can. We simply cannot allow the music to die. Our health and the well being of our community depend on it.

Austin Home Renovations

As the owner of Austin Home Renovations, I have been fortunate, in that  business is booming. While I continue to write and produce music, my attention has been shifted toward  helping families take care of their homes. With so many sheltering in place, the demand for home offices, updated kitchens and outdoor living spaces has increased dramatically.

Thus, in the same manner that our cultural community is adapting through this pandemic, we too are adapting and taking every necessary step to insure the safety of our clients and our staff.  We have proudly served the Greater Austin area for the past 30 years, and will remain here for you and your family to help turn your dreams into reality.

Stay Safe!

[Feature image art by unknown artist. Please message us if you know the artist so that we can credit.]

Campo Verde Project

Five Reasons to Renovate Your Austin Home During Social Distancing

By Resources

You’ve probably stumbled upon this blog post, because you’re social distancing at your home in Austin, Texas and exploring renovation ideas. You may also be wondering if it is the right time to take the plunge and commit to home improvement projects right now. We’ve compiled the list of reasons why it is a great time for Austin home renovations and updating your Texas home during these days of social distancing.

1. You’re Home More Than Ever 

You’re probably spending more time at home than ever before and with Texas mandated “shelter in place” and “stay at home” orders. This means that those pesky home improvement projects you’ve been putting off for the past several years are staring you smack in the face. You know what we’re talking about: That kitchen renovation project that’s been in the back of your mind for years. That new pool cabana, or perhaps a facelift on that powder room. With everyone working from home, now might be the time to repurpose that spare bedroom and tune it into a comfortable modern office. It is the perfect time for you to tackle some of these projects.

2. You Have The Time To Imagine The Changes You Want

Many distractions are now eliminated and it’s the perfect time to sit down and put some thought into what your dream home might look like, and how to accomplish that. The hardest part is always getting started, and the biggest step to starting home improvement projects is taking the time to visualize the changes that your home deserves. Use this time to plan what is possible.

3. Your Entertainment Budget Can Be Used On Home Renovation Projects

Travel and entertainment is very restricted right now, so you’re probably finding it a lot easier to save money during this time (if you were lucky enough to keep your job through the pandemic). The money that you would have usually spent on a big trip to Europe, or some fancy nights on the town can totally be redirected on Austin home renovations in 2020. Bonus Points: this increases the value of your home, so the ROI speaks for itself.

4. Your House Will Be Ready To Entertain Once It’s Safe

We know it might be awhile before you feel safe hosting a big dinner party or backyard Bar B Qs, but now is the perfect time to get your home ready for when that day comes. Get your home ready to be the one that everyone wants to visit. A freshly renovated home will be a blast to show off once the time comes to host friends and family again. In the meantime, you can still show off your new home renovations during Zoom happy hours!

5. You Can Safely Hire An Austin Home Renovation Team With Proper Procedures

We understand that you might have some hesitation when it comes to hiring someone to come work on your house. There are safe ways to go about this during this day and age of COVID-19, and we at Austin Home Renovations are taking it very seriously. We are taking every necessary step to ensure the safety of your family and ours while maintaining the quality of service you have come to expect.

You may have the budget and time to reimagine your dream projects, but not everyone has the patience and skills to tackle such endeavors on their own. Working from home is also taking up a great deal of time right now, so Austin Home Renovations is here to do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an in-home or on-line consultation and let us show you how we can turn your dreams into reality.