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Summer Renovation Ideas and Tips for Austin, Texas Homeowners

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Austin homeowners know how exciting and fun, yet hot Texas summers can truly be. Despite the hot temperatures, summers can actually be a great time for Austinites to dive into home renovation projects for a number of reasons, such as:empty homes due to family trips, as well as more need for backyard entertainment spaces. We’ve put together a handy list of must-know summer home remodeling ideas and tips for Austin, Texas homeowners.

Focus On Windows 

Natural sunlight can really elevate the look and feel of a home by creating an inviting atmosphere. We suggest modernizing windows in a fashion that matches your home’s overall feel. We also highly recommend doing your research and committing to windows that are built to keep the cold out and warm in — you’ll be happy you did so when the temperatures reach 100 degrees in the summer!

Refinish Outdoor Surfaces 

A nice gloss on a wooden deck protects it and makes it looks like new — its a double win! Since summer usually entails backyard BBQ’s, its definitely a great time to refinish your decks, re-oil wood and scrape off old paint to repaint outdoor surfaces. Impress your friends and family with an updated and beautiful backyard oasis. 

Elevate Your Kitchen With Quartz Countertops 

Quartz makes a kitchen feel sleek and updated without a high cost. We recommend replacing old countertops with new quartz ones: the stone looks nice, is relatively affordable, and is easy to take care of!

Upgrade Your Flooring

New floors go a long way, and summer is a great time to switch out dated carpet or tile! Vinyl plank flooring is a great and affordable option that can save you from a big hardwood splurge. 

Install An Outdoor Kitchen in Your Own Backyard 

Outdoor kitchens are an exciting addition to any backyard area and summer is a great time to get them installed. They’re particularly great for homeowners in Austin, because of the many unique elements to our city: from the warm climate to the eccentric culture. Backyard kitchens increase home value, are wonderful for entertaining, and are easy to clean. 

This short list barely begins to scratch the surface of summer home remodeling tips, but we hope that it has been informative for Austin, Texas homeowners. We are happy to answer your additional questions, and help you make your dream home a reality. Contact us today for a free quote today!

How to Plan for Your Home Renovation 

By Resources

Getting started is usually the hardest part of just about anything in life, and home renovation projects are no exception to that. There are many important and timely things to consider before diving head first into a remodel. We’ve put together a list of those things to make your life a bit easier!

Do Your Homework

It’s important to do your homework before starting any home renovation project of any size. This part should never be rushed. The more prepared you are, the better your project will turn out. Take your homework seriously and make sure to spend enough time exploring concepts, budgets and time-constraints. The most fun part of the planning process is usually finding inspiration and putting together home renovation themes, color palettes and other elements for your upcoming home renovation project!

Set a Project Budget 

Setting a project budget is arguably one of the most important parts of home renovation planning. It usually comes after the fun part of choosing themes and concepts. Make sure to be realistic about your budget, then consider all of the costs of your renovation plans (materials, contractors, etc). The costs should never exceed your budget — if they do then its probably time to revise your plan.

Build a Timeline

We all love a good home makeover show (us included), but it’s important to remember entire kitchen remodels don’t happen in an hour. It can actually take up to several weeks. A quality and thorough renovation is a time commitment. You should budget your time in the same fashion that your budget your finances when it comes to home renovation projects.

Find the Right Contractors

It’s important to find the right contractor for every home renovation job. You want to make sure that the contractors you hire are comfortable and experienced in executing your home improvement ideas. Make sure your contractors are people that you can actually foresee yourself working well with over the duration of your project. Not all contractors are the same, but we know of a great home renovation team if you are looking!

Clear the Space (this means pets too!)

It should come as no surprise that home renovation projects can get a little messy with saw dust, paint and everything in between. That’s why it is so important to clear the renovation space where possible to avoid bigger messes. This might mean that you, your family and your pets may have to stay in a hotel or at a family members house for bigger projects. This is a very important considerations to plan!

We hope that you found this list helpful for making your dream home a reality! We are happy to help you with the heavy lifting of your home renovation project once you’ve done your homework, set a budget and timeline, and cleared the space. You can contact us here for a free home renovation consultation!

Home Renovation Inspiration for the Fall

By Inspiration

We’re still in the days of social distancing, so many of us are spending the vast majority of our time at home. The first day of fall season happened last week. The weather is getting cooler and the colors of nature are becoming more vibrant. Given all of the above factors, it’s not surprising if you feel inspired to continue working on fun home renovations, especially those home projects with a seasonal flare. We put together the below list of fall home projects for your inspiration!

Repaint Your Home’s Exterior – The spirited colors of fall may have you feeling completely encouraged to explore new colors for the exterior of your home. Fall weather is an ideal time to get a project like this done, because many paints aren’t recommended for application when the temperatures start to drop later in the year. Bonus Points: a touch-up can help prolong the life of your siding and trim. 

Repaint Your Home’s Interior – You don’t have to stop at an exterior paint job. Perhaps the season has inspired you to update the entire color palette of the inside of your home as well. You can repaint the walls in any or all of the rooms in your home; you can also skip the walls and paint the kitchen or bathroom cabinets for a refreshing fall aesthetic. 

Convert a Spare Room Into a Media Room – This kind of renovation is always in season, but fall is arguably the best time of the year to bite the bullet and make it happen. “Why?”, you may ask. Well, it’s just in time for scary movie season, and the extra cherry on top is that you have the media room ready for entertaining during the holidays.

Deck Repairs & Refinishing – Decks arguably get their most use in the summer, which means they are more than likely ready for some real TLC by the time summer rolls around. It’s a great time to give your outdoor oasis the repairs and refinishing it deserves. The deck will be ready to continue being your favorite part of your backyard for the rest of the year!

Replace Windows – The weather starts to get cooler outside in the fall, but this doesn’t mean that your house needs to be an uncomfortable temperature inside. If you feel a chill next to certain windows, it’s probably time to address the issue before the winter. Glass with multiple panes, spacers or filler gases can often solve this problem.


We’re happy to help you with your ambitious home renovation projects any time of the year. If you’ve been waiting for inspiration to make you dream home a reality, contact us for a free quote. We can’t wait to begin working with you and your home!