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Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen in Austin, Texas

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Outdoor kitchens are an exciting addition to any backyard area. They’re particularly great for homeowners in Austin, because of the many unique elements to our city: from the warm climate to the eccentric culture. We’ve put together a list of reasons why it’s a fantastic idea to add an outdoor kitchen to your ATX home. 

It’s almost always outdoor BBQ weather in Austin, Texas

Extreme elements such as snow and continuous rainstorms are unusual in Austin, Texas. There’s no denying the high temperatures of most summer days, but the weather is enjoyable once the sun sets. This makes summer nights perfect for grilling outdoors. Don’t forget the mosquito repellent! 

Outdoor Kitchens Are Great For Safe Entertaining During Social Distancing Days

It’s easy to maintain a safe distance from guests when outdoor socializing. An outside kitchen allows you to host social distance picnics in the privacy of your own backyard. Imagine this scene: A Willie Nelson concert is projected on the back of your house while you enjoy a BBQ with your closest friends and family, all while there is plenty of space to distance. Sounds like a great summer night…don’t you agree?

Outdoor Kitchens Increase The Value Of Your Home

Homeowners that invest in remodeling earn a high ROI when adding an outdoor kitchen, because of the popularity of this home improvement. This backyard renovation is incredibly sought after by homebuyers. Additionally, most of today’s BBQ grills and patio appliances are made from element resistant stainless steel. A functional outdoor kitchen is an investment that you and your loved ones can actually enjoy for years.

Outdoor Kitchens Can Save You Money on Utility Bills

You’re probably well aware of the high cost of keeping an entire home cool if you’ve lived in Texas for at least one summer. Your air conditioner has to work even harder if you cook a lot of meals in order to maintain comfort. Cooking, baking, and broiling all cause the temperature in your home to rise several degrees, which kicks your A/C into overdrive. This is costly if done often. Luckily, cooking indoors saves on energy consumption since your cooling unit is not forced to work harder. An outdoor kitchen can save you money in the summertime, especially if cooking is done outside a few times a week.

Low Maintenance Cleaning 

We can’t think of too many people whose favorite chores include kitchen cleaning. It usually requires a lot of work and attention to detail after enjoying a nice home cooked meal. However, many of the outdoor kitchens we build for Austin homeowners are stainless steel and easy to clean. 

There you have it: a list of reasons to convince your significant other the benefits of an outdoor kitchen in Austin, Texas. This is one of our favorite types of projects and we would gladly help you turn your outdoor dream space into a reality. Contact us for a quote.

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Five Reasons to Renovate Your Austin Home During Social Distancing

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You’ve probably stumbled upon this blog post, because you’re social distancing at your home in Austin, Texas and exploring renovation ideas. You may also be wondering if it is the right time to take the plunge and commit to home improvement projects right now. We’ve compiled the list of reasons why it is a great time for Austin home renovations and updating your Texas home during these days of social distancing.

1. You’re Home More Than Ever 

You’re probably spending more time at home than ever before and with Texas mandated “shelter in place” and “stay at home” orders. This means that those pesky home improvement projects you’ve been putting off for the past several years are staring you smack in the face. You know what we’re talking about: That kitchen renovation project that’s been in the back of your mind for years. That new pool cabana, or perhaps a facelift on that powder room. With everyone working from home, now might be the time to repurpose that spare bedroom and tune it into a comfortable modern office. It is the perfect time for you to tackle some of these projects.

2. You Have The Time To Imagine The Changes You Want

Many distractions are now eliminated and it’s the perfect time to sit down and put some thought into what your dream home might look like, and how to accomplish that. The hardest part is always getting started, and the biggest step to starting home improvement projects is taking the time to visualize the changes that your home deserves. Use this time to plan what is possible.

3. Your Entertainment Budget Can Be Used On Home Renovation Projects

Travel and entertainment is very restricted right now, so you’re probably finding it a lot easier to save money during this time (if you were lucky enough to keep your job through the pandemic). The money that you would have usually spent on a big trip to Europe, or some fancy nights on the town can totally be redirected on Austin home renovations in 2020. Bonus Points: this increases the value of your home, so the ROI speaks for itself.

4. Your House Will Be Ready To Entertain Once It’s Safe

We know it might be awhile before you feel safe hosting a big dinner party or backyard Bar B Qs, but now is the perfect time to get your home ready for when that day comes. Get your home ready to be the one that everyone wants to visit. A freshly renovated home will be a blast to show off once the time comes to host friends and family again. In the meantime, you can still show off your new home renovations during Zoom happy hours!

5. You Can Safely Hire An Austin Home Renovation Team With Proper Procedures

We understand that you might have some hesitation when it comes to hiring someone to come work on your house. There are safe ways to go about this during this day and age of COVID-19, and we at Austin Home Renovations are taking it very seriously. We are taking every necessary step to ensure the safety of your family and ours while maintaining the quality of service you have come to expect.

You may have the budget and time to reimagine your dream projects, but not everyone has the patience and skills to tackle such endeavors on their own. Working from home is also taking up a great deal of time right now, so Austin Home Renovations is here to do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today for an in-home or on-line consultation and let us show you how we can turn your dreams into reality.