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How to Plan for Your Home Renovation 

By Resources

Getting started is usually the hardest part of just about anything in life, and home renovation projects are no exception to that. There are many important and timely things to consider before diving head first into a remodel. We’ve put together a list of those things to make your life a bit easier!

Do Your Homework

It’s important to do your homework before starting any home renovation project of any size. This part should never be rushed. The more prepared you are, the better your project will turn out. Take your homework seriously and make sure to spend enough time exploring concepts, budgets and time-constraints. The most fun part of the planning process is usually finding inspiration and putting together home renovation themes, color palettes and other elements for your upcoming home renovation project!

Set a Project Budget 

Setting a project budget is arguably one of the most important parts of home renovation planning. It usually comes after the fun part of choosing themes and concepts. Make sure to be realistic about your budget, then consider all of the costs of your renovation plans (materials, contractors, etc). The costs should never exceed your budget — if they do then its probably time to revise your plan.

Build a Timeline

We all love a good home makeover show (us included), but it’s important to remember entire kitchen remodels don’t happen in an hour. It can actually take up to several weeks. A quality and thorough renovation is a time commitment. You should budget your time in the same fashion that your budget your finances when it comes to home renovation projects.

Find the Right Contractors

It’s important to find the right contractor for every home renovation job. You want to make sure that the contractors you hire are comfortable and experienced in executing your home improvement ideas. Make sure your contractors are people that you can actually foresee yourself working well with over the duration of your project. Not all contractors are the same, but we know of a great home renovation team if you are looking!

Clear the Space (this means pets too!)

It should come as no surprise that home renovation projects can get a little messy with saw dust, paint and everything in between. That’s why it is so important to clear the renovation space where possible to avoid bigger messes. This might mean that you, your family and your pets may have to stay in a hotel or at a family members house for bigger projects. This is a very important considerations to plan!

We hope that you found this list helpful for making your dream home a reality! We are happy to help you with the heavy lifting of your home renovation project once you’ve done your homework, set a budget and timeline, and cleared the space. You can contact us here for a free home renovation consultation!

National Savings Day – Budget Friendly Home Improvement Ideas

By Inspiration, Resources

It’s National Savings Day, and we all love to find new ways to save money! It’s no secret that some home improvement projects can be costly. However, there are some projects that make a big impact without breaking the bank. We’ve put together this list of budget friendly home improvement ideas for National Savings Day. 

Paint the Front Door – Painting the front door is a great way to add some extra personality to your home.  A project like this is quick and painless, which makes it easy to swap out the front door color seasonally. Your front door is your visitors’ first impression of your house, so changing it up can have a big impact at a low cost. 

Update Kitchen Cabinet Hardware – The magic of your home is in the details, which means little touches like kitchen cabinet hardware can go a long way. It’s pretty inexpensive to replace kitchen hardware with brand new knobs and pulls. Pro tip: You can even spray paint your existing hardware if you don’t want to spend money on all new equipment for a simple change of color.


Give Your Fan a Makeover – It’s relatively quick, painless and inexpensive to swap out an outdated fan for a new one. It’s possible to be even more cost efficient in a similar fashion to that of updating kitchen hardware if you aren’t ready to buy a new fan. You can provide a simple makeover with high-heat spray paint to your fan if it has seen better days. Both the blades and metal components can be updates this way. This is another example of how small details can make a big difference in a home.

Remove a Popcorn Ceiling – If you don’t like your popcorn ceiling because of the way it looks, or the way it collects dust, then we have good news for you! You don’t have to be stuck with it. Popcorns ceilings are relatively easy to remove with a wet/dry vac and a drywall knife. 

Hang String Lights This simple update can add a layers of warmth and welcoming feelings to your home. String lights can be hung on an outdoor patio, in a sunroom or any extra underutilized space. They instantly create an approachable vibe to gather with loved ones for a refreshing beverage.

We hope this list inspired you to do some fun home improvement projects. If you have bigger ideas in mind, we’re happy to help you with the larger projects (or even some small ones). Contact us for a free quote to make your dream home a reality!